Adobe takes a big step toward Creative Cloud. Here’s everything CS6 customers need to know

Adobe takes a big step toward Creative Cloud. Here’s everything CS6 customers need to know

Despite some early misperceptions about how Adobe Creative Cloud‘s subscription model would work, customers have signed up in droves. Some 1.8 million users now subscribe to Creative Cloud, enjoying instant updates and a predictable annual spend. Now a recent announcement could drive further adoption. At the end of May, Adobe will stop offering Creative Suite 6 (CS6) suites and products to commercial and government customers via the transactional licensing program (TLP) and cumulative licensing program (CLP).

If you’re still using CS6 under a TLP or CLP license, you probably have questions about this announcement. Here are some answers:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Why is Adobe phasing out CS6?

This move isn’t exactly surprising, after Adobe removed Upgrade Plan for its Creative products in December 2012, and announced in May 2013 that no new versions would be made available via perpetual licensing — Creative Cloud was the direction for the future.

CS6 is nearly two years old, and there have been more than 500 updates to the products since then. By making the Creative Suite available only through Creative Cloud, Adobe further simplifies its purchasing options and ensures it can deliver feature updates to customers as soon as they’re available.

What are the benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud?

Besides receiving updates as they’re released, Creative Cloud subscribers have a more predictable IT spend for the year. Organizations can also centrally manage their subscriptions through an intuitive user console and customize deployment of the applications via the Creative Cloud Packager. Adobe’s also helping ease customers into the switch by offering a special annual subscription price of $39.99 per month through the end of May.

In addition, after adding hundreds of features to Creative Cloud since its launch, Adobe has indicated that a major update to the applications is planned for the near future.

Do I have to switch from licenses to subscriptions for all Adobe products?

No. The non-creative applications are still available through TLP and CLP, including Acrobat, Captivate, eLearning Suite, and ColdFusion.

Can I still use CS6?

Yes, you can still access any CS6 licenses you own. But you won’t receive any new updates to the creative suite and won’t be able to purchase new licenses after May 31.

How do I switch to Adobe Creative Cloud?

To ensure you get continuous updates to Adobe’s Creative applications, enroll in Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP) to purchase a Creative Cloud for Teams subscription. Unlike a CLP agreement, there is no minimum purchase requirement to enroll in VIP. Creative Cloud for Teams subscriptions are available for the complete package of Creative applications or for a single app, like Photoshop.