Gila improves performance, scalability, cost structure, and disaster recovery

Gila improves performance, scalability, cost structure, and disaster recovery

Early concerns over the cloud’s security and privacy are proving no match for its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and elasticity. And hybrid cloud infrastructure, which blends the cloud’s benefits with the security organizations desire, is taking hold.

In fact, a recent study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by 451 Research indicates that 68 percent of businesses plan to adopt hybrid cloud models over the next two years.

Customers concerned about the security of sensitive or proprietary data can take comfort in the hybrid cloud’s use of in-house servers while capitalizing on the scalability and cost savings of a public cloud infrastructure.

Now one of the early adopters of hybrid cloud and, in fact, SHI’s first hybrid cloud customer, Gila, is speaking out about its IT goals and challenges, the solutions it implemented, and the benefits it has achieved by deploying a hybrid cloud strategy.


Gila is an Austin-based provider of receivables management solutions, including outsourced collections, payment processing, and call center services, to governmental entities and financial and higher education institutions nationwide.

In 2012, in support of an initiative called “Inside-Out,” Gila approached SHI to help improve its IT ecosystem. Gila wanted to leverage a cloud solution that would transition existing data off-premise, establish an efficient disaster recovery strategy, and virtualize 350 desktops for its call center agents in Austin, Texas. Specifically, Gila wanted a cloud environment that:

  • Is built on a consumption-based service model
  • Allows for capacity elasticity and scalability
  • Provides predictable and transparent service costs to the business
  • Transitions the business from a CAPEX to an OPEX cost model
  • Supports monetization of IT assets and services


SHI introduced Gila to our Multi-Tenant and Managed Private Cloud (MPC). SHI’s MPC allows a customer to install an SHI vCore server in its own data center, while our Multi-Tenant Cloud enables it to utilize virtual machines housed at SHI’s New Jersey-based Cloud Center. The result is a truly integrated hybrid cloud environment.

In addition to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Gila selected SHI’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for its 350 agents, a complete disaster recovery solution, and co-location services, all wrapped into a three-year contract. The company also signed up for professional services, which provide enhanced capabilities around disaster recovery and replication.


The benefits Gila is experiencing with its new hybrid cloud environment are best communicated by the customer itself. In the following video, Gila’s Chief Information Officer Doug Holt explains why Gila decided to combine SHI’s Multi-Tenant and Managed Private Cloud, and he highlights the features and benefits the company is experiencing