VMware’s Tod Nielsen unveils a new era in IT

VMware’s Tod Nielsen unveils a new era in IT

A few weeks ago, at our National Sales Conference in New Jersey, VMware Co-President Tod Nielsen delivered a keynote address to our employees. For those that have not yet had the chance to witness a presentation by Tod, he is a remarkable speaker and has tremendous insight on the past, present, and future of IT.

Tod’s key message from that day is one we should all be paying attention to: A new era in IT is emerging, and companies need to leverage a modern infrastructure framework to keep up. That modern infrastructure is the cloud. But the challenge is to figure out how to leverage it to provide maximum business value for customers.

Tod pointed out that each new era in IT is driven by disruptive technology and architectural shifts. In 2000, it was Y2K. After that, it was e-commerce. Now, virtualization and the proliferation of mobile devices are driving the disruption.

This is because end users demand the ability to access their applications on the devices they prefer to use. With the rise of public cloud resources and smart consumer devices, business departments and users are increasingly taking IT into their own hands. This is bad news for IT teams still scrambling to define an ideal service to support this demand.

And so, to stay relevant, Tod recommended that IT deliver a new architecture to support this demand, while still maintaining control over company assets and complying with organizational policies. He went on to show how VMware is well-positioned to be a leader in this new era with its IT as a Service (ITaaS) solution. ITaaS is built on the resource optimization that virtualization brought to the data center. It can be utilized either through a private cloud or by leveraging the cost savings and flexibility of a public cloud offering.

Providing true ITaaS is not just about virtualizing physical servers, Tod explained. It’s about building an infrastructure that allows consistent and universal delivery of IT service regardless of the operating system or hardware platform. VMware’s methodology to make the software the platform helps IT teams institute policies to automate both managed and self-service IT models to keep organizations agile and productive.

VMware is one of SHI’s strategic partners, and recently recognized us as its 2012 Corporate Reseller Partner of the year. So our responsibility is to help put IT back in control as a broker of services that will be sourced from many different options. We help customers leverage flexible, scalable, and efficient infrastructure. This gives the users the freedom and agility they need, while maintaining the control necessary to mitigate business risk.

When Tod Neilson asked the audience “What’s different about this new era in IT?” the answer was fairly clear: “Everything.” That being said, there is no reason to fear this shift. It is an opportunity to take a leadership position in your organization’s evolution.

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