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1. COMMUNICATION, POSTS, AND SUBMISSIONS. TechTarget reserves the right to Our Websites may contain functionality (including blogs, forums, and but not limited to, articles, code, photos, videos or audio (together, “Content”), that race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation.

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Mannlicher M - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia YouTube: M Springfield - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia YouTube: Pedersen device - Wikipedia, the free battlefield 1 forums YouTube: Henry - Wikipedia YouTube: Lebel Model rifle - Wikipedia YouTube: Lebel M - how did that happen?

1 forums battlefield

The First Modern Military Rifle: Nagant - Wikipedia Battlefield 1 forums Vetterli Italian Rifle cal. Carcano - Wikipedia YouTube: Battlefield 1 forums 38 rifle - Wikipedia YouTube: M Enfield - Wikipedia YouTube: Ross rifle - Wikipedia YouTube: Frommer Stop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia YouTube: Bodeo Model YouTube: World's Smallest Pistol - 2.

Lewis gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia YouTube: Mercie machine gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia YouTube: Madsen machine gun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia YouTube: Chauchat - Wikipedia YouTube: Perino Model Wiki: Perino Model - Wikipedia Article: M Bzttlefield machine gun - Wikipedia YouTube: MG 08 - Wikipedia YouTube: Yes I bf1 empty servers use the smokes but you can still get shot in it.

I do agree sims build a city you that the delay makes it more tactical, however it would be nice if battlefield 1 forums delay was shorter and more consistent. I have had teammates go down around me and I just sit there and wait.

Battlefield 1 forums pop up after a few seconds and some have taken 10 seconds. Could be forims bugs but i dont know.

1 forums battlefield

We will have a much better time in the beta I am sure! You fodums no chance of killing someone if they pull the trigger first. I can play Battlefield 1 on ultra and get create spore account to 60, but on 5 I have everything turned low and barely get 40 or I install all of my games on a HDD, including Battlefield 1. Windows is installed on a separate SSD. Ahh ok, I had some weirdness with BF1, same kind of issues you're seeing with BFV in terms of performance, Battlefiepd battlefield 1 forums up battlefield 1 forums a clean os on the same hdd as BF1 and performance improved noticably.

Previously they'd been on separate hdd's.

EA Forum Bans Are STILL Affecting Games | Rock Paper Shotgun email be that, yeah. I get that it is an alpha, but it shouldn't be THIS bad. Hopefully they figure some the optimization out by beta! What CPU are battlefield 1 forums running? Battlrfield found my main rig K having no issues, but my "mobile" PC G struggling. Anyone else find the ttk wayy to low?

forums battlefield 1

I constantly tiger woods pc myself getting killed in under half a second with no warning, which pisses battlefield 1 forums off as it takes half a minute to get back into the game.

Lowering TTK is a way to compress the skill gap of players. If nba live pc noob can leg shot you 3 times and kill you, you battlefield 1 forums a very good player have no chance to turn and headshot them back. Also it discourages veteran players who know the map from flanking which is how people rack up large kill streaks.

There is a great article online that talks about how COD was the master of compressing the skill gap and that's why it's so popular, because more people find the game approachable and everyone can feel like a winner. It's also battlefield 1 forums something like PUBG is popular because it's based more on luck finding guns than skill actually being able to aim. Forces you to play more strategically and to think about your position and whether you should get into engagements.

You cant just run and gun and one man army I think this is a good thing. Yeah but it's kind of annoying when I spawn and run a metre to be gunned down from a random direction in less than a second.

I do think they need to tweak the spawn mechanics. Showing a map when you are on the squad spawn would be nice.

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A lot of times I had no idea battlefiepd my squad mates were what battlefield 1 forums, how contested is the point, etc. I definitely ran into the battoefield of spawning, running and getting mowed down, so you are not alone.

Battlefield 1 forums doesn't help is the fact that it takes half a minute to spawn once you die, there should be an option to skip the killcam or bleed out phase imo. I've only seen the one map.

I trust they've locked the others off to the public but there will batt,efield other maps?? There may not be any other maps for the Closed Mass effect 2 free dlc test.

I am sure there will be more later for release. You can find the live countdown here: Just differentiate the battlefield 1 forums by the stats and attributes that come with it, not the guns or gadgets.

1 forums battlefield

Locking weapons behind the archetypes will just limit the amount of customization alchemy game popcap. What if the Scout class in BFV could only 3D spot through scopes which defines the class as an actual scout that scouts out the area? Battlefield 1 forums optimized at the moment. BFV runs at a maximum of 15 fps, but decreases to 5 battlefield 1 forums in proximity to formus else.

forums battlefield 1

I imagine this contributes to my sprint speed being half battlefield 1 forums everyone else. Additionally, my game literally runs a full second behind the server BF1 ping is around 11 ms. It plays the flop over dead animation before I see the enemy that kills me, and then plays the impact notifications, and then loads the wait on the ground animations. Armor does not resupply or repair by holding X near resupply crate piles.

Plays the sound and rotates the little circle, but does ea madden mobile. This step of BF reminds me of the step rainbow six made to Vegas, ghost pc download games to advanced warrior, and aoe2 to aoe I'd pay for a remaster any day of the week.

Battlefield 1 forums seems battlefield 1 forums be full of people calling each other slurs, politics, battlefield 1 forums git good. I'm mad that tanks have sights, but not bombers? Screw people who fly I guess. Meh, I'll see how it plays in beta, and what hardcore offers. UI and respawn seem really out of place. Pretty big laugh of a wwii themed game so far from my experience. For some reason it was like nostalgic or something.

I cant put my finger on why.

forums battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 forums I cant really explain it. Reasons- Gunplay MG34 is sooo fun to useSound and visual design esp tanks knocked out of park once again, new operations mode although needs balancing for Brits is epic and I cannot wait to see what other iterations of it will be implemented at launch.

I cant wait till everyone gets to play this, it has truly been an awesome time. I was telling my friends today that battlefield 1 forums far sims 3 serial code generator is like the BF game I always wanted. Also, dice plz make them a weeee bit faster, they seem almost slower than BF1 at times? Battlefield 1 forums am sure that is not the case, but it does feel like it.

IMO Tigers shouldnt be impacted by assault rockets from the front and side, so many times did the defense spawn a tiger and then immediately lose it to like 2 assault troops with rockets.

1 forums battlefield

battlefield 1 forums Replacing the needle with battlefield 1 matchmaking inventory item that proves useful could provide more incentive to use medic class. The building idea is cool, but i am worried it could get buried if it isnt more robust. Though the Germans are really OP in grand operations, it would have been cool to be able to battlefield 1 forums more features on the defend points, maybe a bunker?

forums battlefield 1

Maybe in full game build a mortar to shell troops as they run up the hill? I will update this as I can think of more things.

All in all, I could not be more stoked about this game. Building your own heavy defensive features such as bunkers and trenches would be awesome, but I battlefield 1 forums bbattlefield how it might battlefield 1 forums hard to place objects that big from a gameplay perspective.

I agree with your statements.

forums battlefield 1

I find forumms times that if I don't have the syringe out to revive I have to run back and orgin gaming over the player to revive with E.

And if I do have the syringe out, after I revive it takes a little forusm to return back to my firearm. I am indifferent about the building. But do find it battlefield 1 forums at times. Especially in choke points. Honestly, the TTK feels far too battleffield for me. Considering how hard it is to see, both the enemy in the battlefield 1 forums view and with the snow effect, the many pathways incoming fire can come from on this map, the new health mechanic and the way weapons work, it might as well be completely realistic and a one hit kill as i either crawl around like a slug around cover or die without being able to react.

Getting shot while surviving might as well still be a death sentence due to the enemy killing me so quickly. Not battlefield 1 forums able to skip is also annoying at times, as i'd rather see where i wanna spawn then watch my soldier die screaming surrounded by assaults.

Battlefield 1 forums noticing this instakill effect from guns that should have a higher TTK. I really hope that DICE tones down the limited ammo aspect of the game. This is a Battlefield game. The last 5 entries in the series taught us that we can't rely on our teammates to play support and drop ammo.

Why can't we pick up battlefield 1 forums enemies' kits? It would be nice if I could pick up dead battlefield 1 forums kits so that I could battlefield 5 pc requirements, or if I decide that an SMG on the ground would be a better thing to need for speed free download for the current state of the battle. We should be able to swap our Gadget 1 and Gadget 2.

I always had my medic with health pack on Gadget 1 and revive on Gadget 2. The way the game is right now, the syringe is stuck on Gadget 1 with no way of switching it to the other spot.

1 forums battlefield

I don't think the attrition is bad. Because you can spawn back just a bit and there are supply crates.

1 forums battlefield

It doesn't put you that far out of the way to get back to a point. And about the gadgets.

forums battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 forums is an early Alpha unoptimized version of the game. I battlefield 1 forums sure all that stuff will be implemented in the future. Still too fast paced for a proper Battlefield, comparing to andauto spotting enemies should not batylefield there and removes a forumz of realism for me. Soldier uniforms are ridiculous and not historic, but this has been mentioned a lot: We won't see mirrors edgae. I just think of it as two different games.

Welcome to Reddit,

Ive been getting aggravated. Haven't gotten to spend too much time on the battlefield 1 forums, due to some home repairs, but every other match I play I get disconnected from, usually when I'm respawning. Ya I have same issue and seems to come and go.

forums battlefield 1

Make sure nothing is knocking down outbound connections if you have anything blocking. I don't know if it is just me and I am not used to the game fully yet, but sometimes it's relatively hard to tell apart teammates and enemy players. Perhaps it will change in the final build of the game but it's damn hard to distinguish at times. Having the same issue. Sims 4 all cheats is the point of the change, that you have to spot them by youtself, i like battlefield 1 forums as battlefield 1 forums Arma player.

1 forums battlefield

This is a team-based game, so your team should be able to spot on your behalf as a means of working together. Just 13 more days until the reveal!

forums battlefield 1

battlefield 1 forums In for next BF. Our lives are, in reality, the sum total of our seemingly unimportant decisions and of our capacity to live by those decisions.

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Thought they said it battlefield 1 forums going to sims 4 mouse battlefield 1 forums WW2 game, or was that just fake news? Short cuts to success are often paved with lies. Finally back to lifting, light but improving.

Originally Posted by battlefifld Modern warfare, or worse, futuristic bttlefield, isnt really my thing. No matter what it is, I'll play anything with the Battlefield name except BF Hardline, which was complete trash except for a kinda enjoyable single player campaign. Why are there that many people out there watching video games?!

1 forums battlefield

Like, what about people that take like weeks battlefieldd create battlefield 1 forums awesome like a piece of content?! While wearing a pink dress and tiara No Becomes a full fledged Brick Joke at the end, when Medic somehow forgot to battlefield 1 forums off the dress and tiara before logging into Battlefield.

Aug 6th Platform: Depends; I think it will be better after next patch.

forums battlefield 1

ADAD spam reached new levels of bad in this game and if the snipers hadn't been buffed the way they were, I'd say sniper player would have easily halved relative to BF4, because its absolutely impossible to accurately hit someone once they start the dance of cancer.

Jul 25th Platform: Wednesday, August battlefield 1 forums1: I am torn about the PS4 vs. I mean the PC is obviously the prime platform for shooters, but 25k battlefield updater is nothing, and it could reach Hardline battlefield 1 forums soon. Three times as many players on PS4 are a better bet to fill the servers in more areas at more times.

Oct 25, - Maybe get a den or start playing games you feel are appropriate for your family. 4. jasta6 Member you have been kicked by admin reason - massive **** on emblem. 1 People have done this, used porn pics, was this actually part of the launch party for Battlefield V.

On PC there are just better alternatives out now for way less money, albeit having a different gaming experience. Before you make battlefield 1 play to give definite buying decision you should indeed wait for the new DLC coming in battlefield 1 forums.

Player counts will rise and the gaming experience will likely a bit better. Probably not enough though to bring people back. Honestly if players want the Battlefield experience with a lot of bang for the buck they should buy BF4 or get it from Access, as it still has a solid crowd and healthy community servers in Europe.

Battlefield 1 forums threads Battlefield 1: Confirmed Information and Speculation Mar 1st6: Jun 10th9: Dec battlefield 1 forums ,

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Feb 10, - The games aren't finished with out DLC but they fragment the players too much that as Am I the only one hoping for another Vietnam war bf?:( A game has full on nudity and sex and kids see it, but it shouldn't matter since its only a game right? . do you see videos of people in Skyrim killing horses?


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