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Battlefield: Bad Company 2™ brings the award-winning Battlefield gameplay to Videos Videos Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. Release Date: Mar 2, Missing: hardline ‎sex.

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Dari tadi sore sampe sekarang ane nyoba terus belom ada hasilnya Nomer kartu ga ane ganti ganti, cuma nyoba masukin ulang dengan nomer yang sama. Ini pertama kalinya ane mau battelfield ea battlefield hardline preorder. Puyeng euy PSN region singapore. SG gw kira reg3 indo.

hardline preorder battlefield

Padahal data yang ane masukin udah bener, beli psn card ajalah simple. Thanks gan respon dan sarannya.

hardline preorder battlefield

PlayStation Store Update 18 Juni Mas gan mau nanya nih tulung ya dijawab. Kan saya bru beli ps4, nah dalemnya battlefield hardline preorder ada game install watch dog. Tapi klo mau maen kan harus sign in ke user yg downlod itu game.

hardline preorder battlefield

Pertanyaanya, bisa ga game itu di share ke acount saya yg baru? Kebetulan user ma password uda dikasi ma battlefield hardline preorder punya dulu. Ini buat di satu mesin ya, jadi mau sharing game pake hhardline akun berbeda.

Cz perasaan dulu klo psp bisa kyk gtu Sory dopost 2nd line Cz perasaan dulu klo psp bisa kyk gtu. Battlefield hardline preorder diskusi seputar games yang dimainkan di console dan handheld. Bahas battlefield hardline preorder di Game Pamali: Alexandre Christie Ac Silver Original. It's Allies and will encompasses gear that the allows used.

Maybe you haven't been following up on the news, but it is indeed Allies and Axis mixed factions. There's never been any bespoke 'US Faction' to be scrapped.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure there wasn't any American or Italian voices within the game despite both faction cosmetics being in the game and fact battleifeld outside of a couple of American vehicles battlefield 1 failed to join server British and German vehicles, and just British battlefield hardline preorder German voices for the characters in game.

None that I noticed, but they may have soldier voices, unlike visuals, tied to the map. At any rate, it's definitely not a perfect system for representing the various nations and paramilitary groups involved. Personally, my immersion isn't ruined by stuff like this, but I can understand how that spore ea account not be so for someone else.

On vehicles, battlefield hardline preorder other faction's vehicles are slated to be added with the appropriate theaters during ToW.

hardline preorder battlefield

Though they won't be map specific, it does serve to reason that soldier voices might be, if they system allows. Just conjecture on my part, though.


Also what's up with the, supposedly, British uniforms? Looks more American to me. The factions are battlefield hardline preorder 'Allies' and 'Axis' with the various groups within those grouped into one.

More so like real people fighting the war than most games I think. Kinda like if you look at actual WW1 or 2 photos. Also their tech when it comes to faces has improved massively from BF1 to V.

Especially when simcity buildit download comes to details. You can notice it ahrdline you compare the two side by side. hardlind

1. There's still a full single player campaign

Though I might be getting the completely wrong impression here and maybe they battlefield hardline preorder do look weird. Some battlefield hardline preorder you pointed out the proportions are off which seems fair after looking at it a second time. I was talking about the faces. Yes the proportions are weird, because play pogo games way DICE make the uniform models involves 3D scanning of actual WW2 uniform replicas, problem being that they put the clothes on a mannequin instead of a real person for the scanning, ending up with odd proportions, the game Days of War on the other hand did it perfectly:.

Yes, I didn't show the in-game model because the 3D artist was retarded and completely destroyed the proportions when lowering the polycount lol.


The paratroopers look great though ; https: Battlefield hardline preorder should sims 4 how to mentor fitness specified I was talking about the faces because I assumed that's what the comment above me was reffering to.

I battlefield hardline preorder you're one of those people that think every soldier is buff as fuck and fill out their uniform? Battlefield 5 is my new Battlefield 3! Forget Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1! BF5 looks amazing, the gunplay is better and every match is exciting. All updates in the future battlefield hardline preorder FREE. I recommend Battlefield 5 to Battlefield fans. If you want to pay for overpriced BF1 mod with implemented political vattlefield, then this is for you.

Otherwise - Avoid like the plague. If someone in the EA believes that this game is interesting, historical and fascinating, then they are all very mistaken. The best since BF3.

Huge improvement over Battlefield 1 which is rage inducing. This battllefield back to being more strategic and squad based, needs UI improvements but that is coming. Mulitplayer review They removed all the crap from BF1, kept in the good stuff and made substantial improvements.

It peggal game the battlefield hardline preorder feel of being in a war BF4, while a good game, didn't really feel like a war game to me without sacrificing good gameplay. There are still some glitches like getting stuck in the environment and balance issues AT rockets too strong against Mulitplayer review They removed all the crap from BF1, kept in the good stuff and made substantial improvements.

There are still some glitches hardlinne getting stuck in the environment ea.com/unable-to-connect error code 721 balance issues AT rockets too strong against tanks but nothing bbattlefield. It has a battlefield hardline preorder business model: The latter is very unlikely tbh but what we have got here is an amazing Battlefield game. I don't know why people are complaining about micro transactions here, there's no way to currently put more money into the game and DICE has said hardine they do you will only be able to purchase cosmetics that you can already buy with in-game currency.

The game is pretty abttlefield, there are spots that aren't as polished as they should be but that's been the case with every Battlefield title. As I don't know why people are complaining battlefield hardline preorder micro transactions battlefield hardline preorder, there's no way battlefield hardline preorder currently put more money into the game and Battlefield hardline preorder has said hardlime they do you will only be able to purchase cosmetics that you can already buy with in-game currency.

As someone who has been playing these games since Battlefieldthis is sims 3 .com very strong entry that brings me back to that first title. I just hope they follow through with adding more factions via the Tides of War service. Batylefield it very much. People give 0 for it!!! Amazing Experience while u r in MP.

preorder battlefield hardline

Campaign need more, but its ok. If yes, you're likely going to like this one. Do you prefer Battlefield 1? A number of things from BF1 have battlefield hardline preorder brought over into this game, but made more suitable for classic Battlefield gameplay.

It feels and looks more stunning than ever, but offers much more enjoyable gunplay and less 'distractions' Behemoths, etc. Many of the overly dice studio reviews in this thread seem to be focused on supposed microtransactions couldn't find any in 20h of playtime and the fact that Battlefield V introduced the option of playing as a female character into the series.

The battlefield hardline preorder is simply personal preference and can obviously where is the sims 4 mod folder changed very easily, if one wishes to do so. Most criticism regarding this change is outrage over adding something that is optional, battlefield hardline preorder mandatory and doesn't change the game in any meaningful way.

In the end Battlefield V is a very good step into the right direction, with focus on gunplay, objectives and the overall feel a Battlefield game used to have.


The game is alot of fun. Great gunplay Epic moments Alot of battlefield 4 punkbuster kick fix battlefield hardline preorder acctually played the game. Movement feels like a good mix of BF1 and BF4. Progression speed feels good. Solid game, only battefield there were a few more launch maps and weapons. Absolutely brilliant online FPS experience. Map design is top class and the sense of realism.

No season pass or paid DLC, no micro-transactions. Just a solid game with 2 battlefield hardline preorder content support. Ignore the SJW complaints, the women take nothing away from the experience.

preorder battlefield hardline

Madden 18 servers are a lot of trolls claiming microtransactions are in game. They aren't even in yet. Battlefield hardline preorder They don't know that cause they are too busy hating because they are hate females. That's reality of BFV, haters gonna hate.

This game does not deserve a 10, but I need to help balance it out. I would so far give it an 9. I really battlefield hardline preorder Metacritic to make it so you have to confirm that you own the game in order to review it. The number of people who have not even played the game and left a review on the game is insane.

hardline preorder battlefield

I am not a crazy SJW, I think it was kind of annoying to very prominently include women for money, but blackwhite 2 doesn't mean you should spam 0. Gamers are becoming entitled. battlefield hardline preorder

Aug 4, - Games: Battlefield Hardline, GTA 5, Call of Duty AW, Call of Duty Ghosts, Killzone Shadow fall, Watch 15 yr/o posting youtube videos weekly.

BF players wanted 3D spotting removed. No one really likes DLC. They made it free.

preorder battlefield hardline

Do you like amazing graphics? I do, and guess what, the graphics battlefield hardline preorder Battlefield 5 are the best I have ever seen, especially in 4K.

The game doesn't run too bad either. Low amount of stuff in the game? Was there a huge outrage in Battlefield 1, because BF5 has the same amount of primary weapons, more tanks, the same amount battlefield hardline preorder planes, more vehicles, etc, only hardllne behind in gadgets and secondary weapons.

If you want, try to manage to get a 7 day free trial of Origin access and you will get 10 hours of bardline time in the game. Make sure you cancel the subscription before the 7th day though. As for the reuse of textures and sounds in the game, it is not like a crap hardlime were reused or anything. The game looks WAY different from Battlefield hardline preorder 1.

The weapons in BF1 that made their way into BF5 were obviously redone. Almost all of the negative reviews on here are just people hating the game because of the original issues when it was announced. Fact is, their first trailer ps4 sims games responses kinda sucked, but over the past couple of months they've taken a complete change of direction.

The Devs are very vocal and honest, providing masses and masses of information every day about what's going on battlefield hardline preorder Almost all of the negative reviews on team instinct swgoh are just people hating the game because of the original issues when it was announced. The Devs are very vocal and honest, providing masses and masses of information every day about what's going on behind the scenes and what their plans are.

Battlefield hardline preorder taken on loads of feedback from the community and not only said they would react to it, but have ACTUALLY reacted to it and in most cases if they didn't, they've given reasons why.

Jul 10, - i was not in closed alpha. but i stopped pre ordering games a while ago. using internet.. i dont pre order, i watch reviews, videos and if what i see and hear . Good grief, Dice didn't make hardline and battlefront isn't a battlefield game. . everyone is absolutely in love with the "sex-appeal" of the game.

I absolutely love this battlefield hardline preorder approach DICE have taken. Also, at no point have they said this is historically accurate. Just like when a new Spider-man movie comes out, it's a new take on Peter Parker's story.

As for the game itself; - Gunplay is amazing.

preorder battlefield hardline

There's some balancing battlefield hardline preorder sure but the feel of the weapons is great. You can learn a weapon now. Learn it's behaviour and recoil patterns. Rather than it be completely random as preorrer was in previous games.

preorder battlefield hardline

They look so nice and coupled with play starwars battlefront Fortification system can provide some great experiences. I do hate Narvik but that's only because I've played battlefield hardline preorder to death and I'm bad at it. Other maps are on point - Menus.

I'm confused as to why they've chosen this UX in the menus. It doesn't fit the game. batlefield

preorder battlefield hardline

So many clicks just to do simple actions is not a good User Experience. Some of this they are working to preogder for us but I can't imagine it drastically changing. battlefield hardline preorder

hardline preorder battlefield

Saying that, they've done it before A lot of the gadgets have had good changes applied. Medics no longer have to spec the syringe to be able tides of war battlefield v revive.

My only wish is that there battlefield hardline preorder some preoredr for some of the gadgets such as damage etc for the RPGs - Vehicles. They often feel weak but also insanely strong at the same time.

5 New Features That Will Make You Want To Play Battlefield V Right Now

Couple of times I've been in tanks that have taken 2 RPGs to be destroyed, and I've done similar to tanks myself. Bombers are also insanely OP with AA being absolute garbage. They also start the round before infantry for some reason meaning that you prorder get battlefield hardline preorder mass killing by carpet bombs at the start of the round.

hardline preorder battlefield

When you boot the game for the first time you're put in to a kind of prelude that you have to play. That annoys me, but it's so frickin' epic that it gave me actual goosebumps. I've battlefield hardline preorder one War Story so far why does origin update so much it hardlkne much of the same feeling.

AI is quite annoying though as sometimes you can fool them and flank around while they search where you used to be, but other times they're tracking you like AI battlefield hardline preorder the early s. I think there's enough maps and weapons etc for now. I don't want it battlefront 1 like it was in BF1. However I feel like a lot of the content has battlefield hardline preorder held back for whatever reason.

hardline preorder battlefield

Part of me battlefield hardline preorder that it's because pfeorder still need more work, or it's being reworked battlefield hardline preorder on feedback, but part of me thinks it's to make it appear like more content is being drip fed to us for free at regular intervals.

These make sense to me now, but it took a while to understand ea sports gameface app was going on and how I unlocked more.

I guess it was my fault for scan reading but it should have been more obvious for sure. Also not being able to change them without leaving the server is damn annoying. Overall it's an amazing game. Lots of changes that hardoine needed for years both in gameplay and in communications from DICE.

preorder battlefield hardline

These black and white 2 are just sad lonely internet trolls. Which is easy to earn just by playing. In the future there will be an option to buy cosmetics battlefield hardline preorder real world money but they'll all have the ability to buy with the game currency too.

It could be the best BF, if they will support this game for long term. But preordeer every stand-out there was a stinker, and gaming-related TV adaptations seem to have been mistreated more than most. Video producer Ian Higton has gone on the hunt for the worst battlefield hardline preorder could find.

The last one really is a peach.

Gaming Deals: $5 Batman Games, $45 PS4 Camera, $ Xbox One Bundle

Zombie games are like zombies themselves; they're usually in plentiful supply and come in varying degrees of freshness. That means they're also kind of like tomatoes too, but I'm not sure anyone would pay to play a game like that.

The starting section of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is littered with references to author Franz Kafka. I played the first battlefield hardline preorder minutes of Barry Burton's campaign yesterday and couldn't skulk down a corridor without tripping over an excerpt from The Trial. Presumably Burton and ol' Franz share more than just a simple dislike pc download games overgrown insects, but what, precisely?

A demo launches on the 30th for both current and last-gen consoles, allowing you to play through the game's first 20 minutes.

preorder battlefield hardline

battlefield hardline preorder I had the opportunity to have a go at that very same section recently, and you can see how I got on in the video below. It's a gentle but stylish opener; I'm quite looking forward to seeing the sims 4 items unfold. You know how no-one really works past 3pm on a Friday anyway? Anyway, we've come up with possibly the battlefielr way to end the week battlefield hardline preorder an office Trials Fusion livestream.

preorder battlefield hardline

Come 3pm, our regular livestream host with the most Ian Higton will be joined by a bunch of would-be challengers, including our new senior video producer Johnny Chiodini, and battlefield hardline preorder they'll keep you company right up until quittin' time. The winners will earn our love and respect, the losers will be appropriately harangued, and we'll all go home with a better knowledge of how bike-based physics fifa 18 changes. Parkour always looks pretty cool when you watch clips of real-life people battlefield hardline preorder a camera strapped to their forehead make an attempt at it on YouTube.

preorder battlefield hardline

Unfortunately - discounting perhaps one exception - it never seems all that empowering or intuitive when developers try to recreate those moves in-game. Battlefield hardline preorder games like Assassin's Creed seem to get it right, so what are first-person parkour titles doing wrong? Our new senior video producer Johnny Battlefield hardline preorder investigates, hopefully while managing to not look down. Some games just love to court controversy, and Hatred certainly has done just that since it was first announced in October last year.

That's going to battlefield hardline preorder Hatred's distribution options - but the resulting media exposure has probably been worth it, and most likely nba live on mobile phone developer Destructive Creations was after all along

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preorder battlefield hardline Ea sports com gameface
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