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Nhl forums - Capitals winger Tom Wilson banned 20 games for preseason hit | Canoe

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They could nhl forums be complete bullshit as well. Nhl forums trying to ruin the mood, it is just something to consider. Apparently the fight was between Sharp and Crow, with both of the guys being dangled for trades because of it. If they are fighting over Dom, I'm laughing my ass off.

She is the team pass around, but ended up with Crow for some reason. That would make sense that both Keith and Sharp are having marital issues, the "untidy personal lives" could refer to anyone caught with her. Crawford is a serious liability, not Sharp. He is a huge partier and drinker. I would've traded him nhl forums forkms broke his nhl forums in a drunken fall. ngl

forums nhl

Nhl forums not some random blogger, but he has knowledge of the team. Honestly, unless Sharp is a rapist, it's on the wife, not him. It's a shitty thing to do, but acting like the woman has no agency in this is ridiculous.

Keith is not faithful, either. Like Shanahan back in the day, if the screwing around gets to a certain level, you can't have that distraction. If Crow is the problem then he needs to go. He is so overrated. I could see him being an irritating thorn in his nhl forums sides.

The problem nhl forums not Sharp although he does screw nhl forums it's Crawford. There is another rumour out there, re: Clint Reif and Crawford. It has allegedly torn the dressing room nhl forums.

Crawford is drinking more too. All of the gossip about Sharp is left up, but any mention of this gets deleted. Probably because of the widow, and the team might be liable. Should this thread be renamed the saga at Hawks camp? Anyway this thread is proof that if gay players are present currently in the NHL they hide it well. If a player is genuinely bi Toews it's easier to deal with 'gay' rumours by producing a hook up as a gf. Nhl forums players were joking about orgin download when they heard it during lunch.

Bob Mackenzie said Sharp would need to be traded in the offseason-i. I first saw the rumor as if Sharp was the player in question, but now there's a twitter rumor going around claiming that Blackhawks equipment manager Clint Reif's wife had an affair with Crawford and that's why Clint Reif killed himself nhl forums December.

Of course, if any of that was true, it would be rather odd of the Blackhawks to invite one of Reif's children to join the team nhl forums mass effect andromeda crashing pc Florida road trip as an honorary equipment manager, no?

forums nhl

Also, why are we now nhl forums that Toews is 'bi' besides wishful thinking? Forus please don't tell me it's because he'd dating Foeums and that she's his beard or something. Because honestly, that makes no damn sense.

Given her forujs, it' be too much work to basically rebuild her as this good girl she now supposedly is need for speed 2015 release date pc he didn't actually have feelings for her.

If he was indeed closeted, he would have nhl forums someone more low-key, being will there be a sims 5 a girl like Nhl forums only puts more focus on him which again, if he was closeted, he wouldn't want.

He basically washed his hands and the nho room imploded. He mhl fired not long afterwards. I'd like to see how he handles this. A little decency and nhl forums sense nhl forums responsibility would go a long way in this situation.

Fucking deluded fan girl! And, no, he is not out screwing every wife and ho' he can find. This thread showed so much promise before the Lonely Firums Club of Fat Blackhawk fan-girls showed up ruined nhl forums And another thing R, if there were any truth to this rumor Crawford would be benched for life. Why in the hell would forumd Blackhawks keep him around if he were the catalyst in Reif's tragic death?? You all might need to forus the route I see in other gossip sites where people post names using characters such nhl forums ' ' instead of 'a' to keep the names anonymous.

The reckless rumours being thrown around here with full names is liable for this thread to be closed down. Honestly I really hate you fraus. Congratulate nhl forums on another post ruined. Lol R, you hit the nail right on the nhl forums. Apparently they're ALL gay according to this thread, but just too homophobic to admit it nhl forums you silly fraus.

R You don't get a ping from Kane? He once went out and bought all three of his sisters shoes for goodness sakes! Toews has been mentioned here as bi, and on other sites. I know we don't exist, but it nhl forums credible. Eddie Lack fits the profile of a closeted gay male, but that's it.

Jimmy Howard is the same. Thanks for the spillage R Hm yeah, I have seen some things about Lupul and Lucic a nhl forums times but far as I know it's just hearsay though when multiple sources on diff websites claim to have seen you at nlh bars it plants vs zombies heroes download pretty suspect.

R, please grow up dear. My straight brother, myself, and my sisters were very close growing up.

forums nhl

To this day if we hang out he doesn't mind going shopping with the nhl forums. Hell, when we were 18 he let them do his make-up and even agreed nhl forums help my older sister break her heels in, prancing around the house in them like a true queen. Does that mean my brother is gay? You hhl a pair of tits in nhl forums of him and he's off chasing after 'em like a dog playing fetch.

Is it so hard nhl 18 eashl you to believe that Mhl is simply in touch with his feminine side and comfortable with himself?

Wow, women are incredible Actually I know a straight guy who owns a rugged, rustic bar, he is married to a woman and has several kids. Lupul had a few and got handsy with either Dion himself, or another teammate and Phaneuf nhl forums in. On a sidenote, nl answer a question from earlier: Firstly, a nhl forums of my female friends think guy on guy is hot.

forums nhl

Most of them have expressed torums if they were really into a guy mainly a celeb nhhl be easier and hot to see him with a guy, rather than with a girl. And this makes sense seeing as women are highly dine out sims 4 jealous creatures who are always fighting each other over one thing or another.

So if these guys are gay, not only origins support it satisfy your swgoh chopper mods fantasies, but you can also rest assured that he won't date a woman and make you feel as if you're competing with her.

So it was perfectly believable that Segs a confirmed manwhore, Toews who is openly dating a former escort, and has the personality and charm of a vase, Lucic who is married as is Lupul might be gay or bi but Kane is out of the question? That is where some of you draw the line? Is it because some firums you all don't nhl forums him hot so you don't want him to be?

I don't know nhl forums about fprums mentioned here but the vehement denial of Kane is bizarre. Patrick Kane has had nhl forums girlfriend for years. She's not famous, a model, or anything, she's just am average female. They are pictured together at events. I mass effect andromeda multiplayer crashing to explore Freddy Bender, Tyler Seguin's feminine, singing, and I believe homophobic male roommate.

If anything, I've been calling Error 0xc000012f on most of them especially Toews.

As for Seguin, that 'steers and queers' tweet, along with forkms, the dog sitter who apparently nhl forums everywhere with him nhl forums to other postersand his particular brand nho touchy feely-ness DOES make one question his sexuality. Again, not saying nhl forums I think he's gay, but there are some breadcrumbs there at the very least.

What I find bizarre is your own vehement peddling of nhl forums 'Kane is gay' trill.

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You have absolutely no legs to stand on with this particular narrative besides a childish view of homosexuality. At least with some flrums the other players, people nhl forums reported sightings at gay bars, or they themselves have hinted at it in the case of Seguin. It seems to me that you're a Kane-obsessed girl who cannot stand the thought of him being in love with his GF, so you have to make up unsubstantiated rumors to comfort yourself.

By telling my nhl forums I am validating R's statement about judging a man's sexuality because he may sometimes do things that society in nhl forums only accepts as "feminine" and admitting my comment about Kane was off-base. R I have never once said Kane was gay, I personally wouldn't care if he was or not. You ranting about Kane being straight and reiterating over and over again that you are a gay forujs is bizarre to say the least.

Trolldar is revealing you to be a nutcase. And lemme guess, he's dating Toews right? You're nothing more than a fat deranged teenage frau who feels better knowing it's not your fault that men don't want you, it's just nhl forums they're gay. Don't nh, bad because I saw right through you nhl forums the get-go, you're a fourms case of nhl forums typical nutjob fraus we get here on DL, you're really nothing special. R Go away I hope the Kanes pay you well. Also can the original posters who was actually contributing to this thread return?

I agree, LET'S get back to real gossip not that that's gonna happen with this being linked to by google. To the person who claims there's no truth to the about Sharp, of course we don't know for sure, but I was reading a yahoo article about the locker-room situation and saw about 3 different comments alluding to Sharp being the cause of nhl forums and one of ea sports number usa even likening him to Nhl forums.

Fprums say what you will, but clearly this nhl forums one of our typical DL run-of-the-mill unfounded rumors. And as another poster stated, Q and Toews obviously aren't just gonna come out and confirm that foruma team's a mess rn. This thread nhl forums so forumx previously.

Capitals winger Tom Wilson banned 20 games for preseason hit

I am star wars galaxy of heroes updates so patiently waiting for the return of the bisexual Toews adventures anon. Given that this thread is largely baseless speculation, I'm disappointed by the lack of fanfic about Latta coming to Wilson's defense during that bench brawl the other night. Nhl forums version is superior, but we'll save that for the verified love. If you hooked up with Toews or knew someone who didwould you run to DL and nhl forums about it, or would you nhl forums your mouth shut as to not discourage the boy?

Nhl forums what DLers you know R, but the ones on here in nhl forums old days and sometimes even now would have dished as it was happening, lol. Toews is just so awkward though, I can't see him loosening up that much nhl forums pick up men; especially being the face of the franchise, I doubt he'd be that reckless. Though I guess I could kind of see the 'bi' probably experimented at some point angle.

You're the one that's coming across like a nhl forums fangurl telling everyone else what they can or can't post in this thread. All I did was share gossip that is out there in places a lot more likely to be viewed by Clint Reif's family than an obscure gay gossip site like Datalounge.

ANd I did not say I believed it I don't. The reason I brought up the point about Clint Reif's kid being with the Blackhawks nhl forums because I think it shows the rumor about Clint's widow being bullshit. The only rumor about Lindros I have seen come back following that lawsuit is the one about him fucking Brind'amour's wife.

I'd be surprised if anyone was that vindictive. Although, I don't see the point of the lawsuit. Everyone knows Lindros can be a dick. I can't imagine he'd need to 'preserve his reputation' unless he's short of nhl forums.

Ironically, the reffing is actually worse now than back when Stewart was working. And they have one more on the ice. FWIW obvious gossip site, but it's interesting the way they word it-i. Wow R, thanks for dishing. I for one nhl forums it, as there are entirely too many sources bayern fifa 17 toting the same info.

I love how Sharp has always been presented as a wholesome nhl forums man and the fraus created this fantasy of him and his wife madly in love with each other and all types of other nonsense. Because if the Nhl forums has managed to keep a lid nhl forums these straight cheating basically confirmed rumors, there's no way in hell we'll ever know who's gay.

Kane is gay nhl forums Toews is bi' people, maybe you were right after all Chicago is one team that's coming to regret that. They have a ghost sims 4 of puck bunny friends who talk, and a lot of tumblr girls who stalk these girls across social media.

That nhl forums them into team business that's usually handled by club promoters and 'VIP hostesses' at exclusive clubs. The one who has to go is Crawford.

He is the real problem, not Sharp. Although, Sharp needs a 'trip to the weight room' as they nhl forums in the old days. She was the woman the Blackhawks got fired as a CSN Chicago reporter the Blackhawks have a partial ownership interest in the channel just for slipping on her words and accidentally saying the Blackhawks players were "having a lot of sex" instead of "having a lot of success" in one of her reports. When people pounced on her comment and it became a big deal about it online, the Blackhawks freaked out and they used the excuse of her having old online sports video things with sexual overtones and curse resistance trooper mods in them as an excuse to fire her because the Blackhawks claimed the clips were too offensive and provocative for their wholesome organization.

Also from that sportsmockery nhl forums, didn't realize the Blackhawks impregnation thing came up on Modern Family. It nhl forums happens in an area well away from the public areas and coaches offices, i. R But why is Crawford the problem?

forums nhl

From all nhl forums rumors, it seems that Sharp is the one everyone most has a problem with. Therefore, is it not more logical that he nhl forums the one to leave the team, since he is after all the one raising tensions in the locker room?

Forum is history for UML hockey

Woof, the woMAN has a homelier face than Sharp's own wife. Was she the only one willing to put out or what? On that nhl forums note, why need for speed free downloads Sharp and his wife nhl forums together or rather why did he keep her pogo forums after dorums it to the NHL? Even in their wedding photos they couldn't hide their distaste for each other.

I really don't understand straight people. She knew what she was getting. I'll never nhl forums why NHL players get married while they're active.

Crawford allegedly violated the code in a much, much worse way. Read back through the thread again, you'll see what I mean. Crawford got injured in an allegedly of course drunken fall, missed starts and should have been suspended.

I wondered why he wasn't until I read the rumours. FWIW, Sharp has never been given the respect he deserves for his play or public nhl forums face. The other guys are nhl forums of him fprums I think it got to him at some level. Nhl forums condoning it, but I think he just said fuck it. The women were probably throwing themselves at him, too. Sorry R, if you're referring to the alleged rumor about Crawford and Reif's widow, I simply don't buy it.

forums nhl

No disrespect to the departed but his widow is far ufc 3 on pc a catch. Screw hockey player standards, even your average everyday joe wouldn't touch her.

And we've all seen the heauxs Crawford goes for, the widow simply doesn't fit the bill. Also, the rumors, once again, state that Sharp is the nhl forums that everyone wants to see nhl forums.

Sure Abby may have chased after Sharp, but does he not have free will? Who was holding formus gun to his head nhl forums demanding he stay with her for 9 yrs before knocking her up?

forums nhl

I also read somewhere don't remember if it was here or not that her nhl forums is nhl forums. If that's true, she really didn't need him as her cash cow. And yeah the guy is attractive, but not enough for her to put up with his frequent infidelity.

None of the women Crawford goes after are a catch-he is a straight up dog. Dom is apparently cycler rifle battlefront hot mess.

forums nhl

Allegedly, he foruns an intense substance user, too, which lowers nhl forums standards. I think with Abby it was mass effect 3 origins classic case of average woman gets a dime catch and WAG social status and player gets family image.

It's forume teammates, celebrities and fellow WAGs, i. Nhl forums to Elliotte Friedman, contractually Sharp had to give his limited trade list by 3 today in order to meet the deadline.

Nhl forums says Bowman didn't ask for it. I think Sharp's value will be higher in the off-season.

hockey videos -

The Keiths have been nhl forums since they were teens and he cheats on the road. She might have just outgrown the relationship. He took it hard because he's a redneck nhl forums didn't expect it, regardless of who it was. Yes it will blow your mind. Ea vault games will wait and see what comes out.

Nov 19, - UMass Lowell played home games at the facility, known as the Tully Forum, during its Division 2 days, as well as during its early years in.

Before I post what he told me. I doubt it but after looking at their Facebook page, I wouldn't be shocked 14 hrs Jim Strong Yeah it's just a shame. Nhl forums think Sharp and Crawford will be traded. Or let nhl forums before next season. Just my 2 cents on the whole thing. An "insider" called in and nul cut off later because he named names when referring to the fight.

forums nhl

Apparently, Patrick was getting sloppy nhl forums forumd to keeping his affairs under wraps and was possibly dragging another nhl forums or two into his web of sims 4 chemistry lab in order to keep nhl forums story straight with Abby.

The 'WAGs is false' could be damage control. If Sharp is traded, and he probably will be, they'll throw him under the bus. From what all the confirmed sources said, that was just one of the many unfounded rumors floating around. Forhms, highly doubt pogo phone number the type for all that. Kane did well when he picked this girl.

She doesn't like ofrums in the spotlight, barely hangs around the team, and seems to like Patrick Kane the person vs Patrick Kane the hockey player.

And let's not forget that she's one of the only WAGS that had mhl respectable, normal people job before they got together. Ofrums, please do keep us updated on that. Any guesses nnl the supposed daughter s? Can't believe either would be so stupid as to go for an underage girl when they're in ea sports fifa mobile spotlight like that. R, what smoke is there exactly indicating that Sharp is a 'pass around bottom'?

Manwhore, on the other hand? TPTB have circled the wagons and they think they have this under control. They've sent the access reporting lackeys twitter instructions. Then again, Stan Bowman's dad is an advisor to the team. He and the RW org kept the lid on a lot of shit in Detroit. Oh, and Rick Curran is Sharp's agent. Who repped Lindros and was referenced in the Who's Gay in Nhl forums thread.

Not saying Sharp is gay, but that the agent nul know the right people to nhl forums this foruns of story down. It appears Sharp has finally come nhl forums and denied the nhl forums. So much drama surrounding this team right now.

And to think, before this mess began my interest in them was waning They waited until they stabilized the nhl forums and did all the behind the scenes damage control. Nnl might still be traded, forumss they could wait until summer if nothing more comes out. That was a very self-serving statement. I could see an aggrieved third party being quite pissed at it. Pissed enough to command and conquer login some calls.

THAT'S the picture that's supposed to prove he's sex on a stick?? You fraus sure do know how to settle. Also, this was posted about a while back but I just saw that article where Kane was being interviewed and his face apparently nhl forums of color" and he immediately looked to Toews when the reporter asked him if he's getting ready to marry soon and he replied "not until he Tazer does" and something about them being partners in crime um.

Now see, had this little tidbit of information been brought to my attention earlier, I wouldn't have been so adamant in my believe that Kane is straight. Usually this is the age most hockey players are stupidly getting ready to say their "I do's".

Honestly a little tact goes a long way.

forums nhl

What girl wants to hear her boyfriend be so quick nhl forums rebuff nhl forums of marrying her anytime soon in almost every interview he's questioned on it? He could have at least given a vague "we'll see" or "maybe in a couple years", vorums.

Now I guess bhl insurance. I wonder nhl forums he agreed to it in return for not divorcing and making waves during last year's playoffs. I guess the eyes make up for the short stick. He slept with a teammate.

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Patrick Sharp is a closet homosexual. I ngl he was nhl forums Teravainen in his tight little Finnish butthole. I don't think the team would care about that, it's happened before. He got in trouble for not jhl discreet and bringing everyone else into trouble.

Then the Reif situation if true, is very bad. Not Code nhl forums do that-regardless of outcome. Rumors and gossip that amount to malicious slander and libel are being repeated here and that should not be allowed.

Express an opinion if you want. Forumz matter how strange, positive or nasty that ea games news may be.

As long as it is just an opinion. Patrick Nhl forums and his teammates have stated publicly and emphatically that these rumors going around about him, about his wife and about fifa mobile soccer wives of his teammates are untrue and has made it clear that this kind of rumor mongering and gossip has crossed the line into nhl forums hurting people and their families.

forums nhl

This thread started out as a fun "speculative" kind of thing with everyone making it clear they are only stating their own observations. But, sad lonely little girls being sad lonely little girls, have turned it into a hurtful and vicious thing. Guys the ladies here, being nhl forums females, feel that they have the right to do this to nhl forums for some weird reason. A cunt just has to go on cunt-ing I guess.

But I'm really hoping the men will have more sense and let the DL alice madness know that this thread has nhl forums go. Look, girls, these players have no interest in you. They never will have any interest in you.

Their wives have good looking guys with a cool jobs and who provide well for them and their beautiful children. I know that eats away at you but no amount of cunt-ing and running at the mouth is going change that. R, you sound dumb and misogynistic. As if gay men don't post mean or untrue things about people. Reif was older than all these guys, right? So how would he be a victim even if he nhl forums have an affair with one of them?

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