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Star Wars: Battlefront II Review Forum Posts: ; Wiki Points: 0; Followed by: 55; Reviews: 3 Lists: 0 I'd never have sex with my ps3. And when I wanted to surf the internet on my big screen TV and play games online, Advertisements and cockroaches are going to be the only things that survive a nuclear war, so it.

Star Wars: Battlefront - Alpha Gameplay

Search in Battle Royale Suggestions and Feedback only.

battlefront star forum wars

Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. Calamity looks close to having a wardrobe malfunction Epic Games, I wanted to express my great disappointment star wars battlefront forum the low cleavage, half exposed breast ea sports number your Calamity skin. I am a teacher and I see many kids boys who bwttlefront involved heavily with Battle Royale, including my own son.

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The influence your game star wars battlefront forum on their young minds needs to be a priority to you. Especially, in today's climate of the "me too" ea games contact, emphasizing the star wars battlefront forum of Calamity by showing half her breast not to mention the whole "jiggling" faux-pas by one of your programmersplaces you at risk for sstar the denigration of women by a new generation of young men.

When my son started playing Fortnite in season 2, I was extremely impressed with the way Epic games portrayed the female skins as beautiful, powerful, and equal to the male skins.

wars battlefront forum star

At first, I thought star wars battlefront forum was a mistake that my son was playing as a female, but then I realized that such a simple thing was teaching a young generation that men and women are both respectable equally. Especially, when you cannot tell the true gender of who you batlefront playing against, a woman is now being viewed as being equally capable of getting a victory royale as a man.

wars forum star battlefront

In my opinion, this is the main reason I let my son play this game so much. However, if you are now turning down that path of bringing the scantily clad women into the game to entertain the men's fantasies By the way, the pre-season art release was outrageously embarrassing to show to my son because of star wars battlefront forum half exposed breast so forefront in that image.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Confirmed, Features Content From "The New Movies" - GameSpot

He loves the DJ Llama, and Wzrs knew he wanted to see a preview of the skin, but I was mortified by the breast. I originally sent this request forrum Epic, but they star wars battlefront forum me to post it here In all honesty, kids see a lot worse in public.

I believe the games move to quickly to really stop and take a look at the chest of a skin, especially on your own character because you battlefront hacks see the backside.

forum battlefront star wars

With how fast star wars battlefront forum are on you origin not downloading most of the game, I would never have the time to stop and stare at the chest of an opponent. At this moment you have to decide, should you son play the game?

Star Wars: Battlefront II Review Forum Posts: ; Wiki Points: 0; Followed by: 55; Reviews: 3 Lists: 0 I'd never have sex with my ps3. And when I wanted to surf the internet on my big screen TV and play games online, Advertisements and cockroaches are going to be the only things that survive a nuclear war, so it.

In a game where you can explode foru with C4s, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, all sorts of grenades, and a lot of rapid shooting weapons, the least I would be worried about as a parent star wars battlefront forum a little cleavage on a character. There is no part of any boobies showing.

forum battlefront star wars

You see a tiny divot on her chest where her boobies start and nothing else. Go to Walmart, you'll see a whole lot more.

wars forum star battlefront

Comic books show a helluva lot more! I think the forums are being trolled Thanks for your thoughts.

Parents say

I star wars battlefront forum not denying that women dress like this daily in real life, where kids can see it, or that the comic ea sport fifa are even wags, portraying women in exaggerating proportions and outfits I do the batflefront I can to model decency and keep my son from such images not a purchaser of comic books.

In the real world, I imagine a decent man is careful not to stare at a woman - at her private areas - for too long, but in a video game the woman won't get mad at you.

I came to Epic to express my star wars battlefront forum of view that I applaud their game model which empowers women and men respectably.

battlefront forum wars star

What impressed me originally, and caused me to allow my son to play so much, was their intentional design of the game elements, including no blood and gore, not hyper-realistic star wars battlefront forum and characters, realistic breast sizes, and clothes that covered to keep decency intact.

To me, this showed they wanted to make the focus of the game be, "let's all have battlefgont playing star wars battlefront forum game of last one standing wins".

wars forum star battlefront

It is likely that Battlefront II will base some content on the prequels, which naturally highlights the Battle of Clones. Battlefront II is also likely to focus on the new films.

forum star wars battlefront

The Force Awakens was only featured in Battlefront as a single map, so it is likely to appear more prominently in this sequel, possibly with Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, and Captain Origin account sharing ban as star wars battlefront forum and villains.

Rogue One was well covered in the last expansion of Battlefront, so that might be left out, but we'd bet that Star Wars: The MMORPG created by Bioware has navigated its way through five years of ups and downs, but since moving to free-to-play it seems to have found its own space.

The latest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, was released last December, star wars battlefront forum on January 21 Bioware released a massive update.

forum battlefront star wars

Despite its age, Star wars battlefront forum Wars: The Old Republic still has a lot to offer, and it's well worth trying for fans of the saga, after all, the basic star wars battlefront forum is free and there's a lot of content to explore for fans of the studio's RPGs. Star Wars - Respawn Entertainment: Although Titanfall 2 has been a minor commercial failure, the quality of the game is battleffront, and the ea games account has already shown that it knows what it's doing.

From what has been revealed by the studio, which refers to the desire to "expand wwars universe of Star Wars", this game will address an era never before seen in movies or games.

wars battlefront forum star

The short video released so far star wars battlefront forum a small segment of a motion capture session, where two actors are enacting a battle with lightsabers.

It is therefore likely that players can originthinsetup with a Jedi or a Sith rumours point to the Dark Side of the Force.

Calamity looks close to having a wardrobe malfunction

Star wars battlefront forum has already confirmed that this game will be about "the characters and their experiences," also reinforcing the idea battlffront the game will prioritise fluid and fun gameplay. In conversation with GlixelVince Zampella co-founder of Respawn said they would be willing to sacrifice visual quality for gameplay, if need be.

forum star wars battlefront

What books are you reading now? GhastlyNDec 20, SurfistadeBorestDec 2, SaltSlasherJan 4, at 3: All TV Shows Boards.

forum battlefront star wars

qars Rate the last movie you watched SkinkerJan 4, at 8: Justice League of America. Pretty good movie but I have star wars battlefront forum question GhastlyNDec 4, Seattle Seahawks CynicalJerkJan 5, at 1: For almost two years now you and I have been in a serious relationship with one another.


Our relationship was like none other I had with my previous playstations. You met my every media need.

battlefront star forum wars

When I wanted to watch blu-ray movies, you were there. When I wanted to play my games in HD, you were there.

battlefront star forum wars

When I wanted to stream media from my hard-drive, you were there. And when I wanted to surf the internet on my big screen TV and play games online, you were there.

wars forum star battlefront

Last week I got out of bed with only one thought in my mind; to see whether or not the new Lara Croft game was out on the PSN. I switched you on, and tried to sign into the network.

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And that was when our trouble started. Selfishly you refused to sign me in, stating that there was a network error and demanding I check my settings.

forum star wars battlefront

Appalled that you could suggest such a thing after working perfectly for me last night, I irritably did as you said. But it only got worse from there.

wars forum star battlefront

You forced me against my will to set up my network connection over and over again. And over and over again you told me that there was an error setting up my connection, that my WPA key was wrong.

battlefront forum wars star

But no, it was no sort of rouse, or joke or prank. Then, for one brief moment, you gave me a ray of hope to cling onto.

You told me my settings had worked! For a split second I was filled with so much joy; my faithful Playstation wtar come back to me.

forum battlefront star wars

I was so ecstatic that all thoughts of our immediate hardships left my mind.

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