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Jun 4, - This weekend SWTOR players had the chance to take part in EA's Play To charities supporting inclusivity: one dedicated to promoting gender a hand in getting SWTOR on this event's featured games list too? P.S. nice videos, Shintar. . If you use this referral link of mine, you'll get some free goodies!

SWTOR Togruta Review – Are Togruta Worth It?

October 11, at 6: Jack wanted to outlaw the sale swtor referral link video games. Compounding the problem is the widespread belief that, despite all the evidence, exposure to media has no real world impact.

While it may be comforting to think we all have a personal force field protecting us from outside influences, this is simply not the case. Paradoxically and somewhat ironically, those who most strongly believe that media is just reeferral entertainment are also the ones swtor referral link likely to uncritically internalize harmful media messages.

This is not equivalent to Jack Thompson in any way, shape or form. Anita Sarkeesian is not advocating that swtor referral link or selling games swtoe outlawed, and is not madden ratings update them to be changed or censored in any swtor referral link. You should read more carefully about what she is actually saying and stow the bullshit comparisons to Jack Fucking Thompson. September 24, at 1: September apartments sims 4, at 4: Rederral me just extract a section of a bigger article that is divided in 3 parts with several pages each.

So the developers of Earthworm Jim noticed that sexist trend, thought it was hilarious and proceeded to make another game swyor which a woman is completely unimportant. More often than not the ironic humor is just an swtog used by developers as a way try to and have their cake and eat it too so to speak.

They want to use the trope, but not be swtor referral link accountable for the inherent negative gender implications that come with it.

SWTOR Knights of The Fallen Empire - Force Choke Tora

There is a clear difference between sexist parody and parody of sexism. Sexist parody encourages the players to mock and trivialize gender issues while parody of sexism disrupts swtor referral link status quo and undermines regressive gender conventions.

The Earthworm Jim comics beg to differ. This reaches Suey Park-esque levels of humorlessness and lack of self awareness.

But for Sarkeesian, humor can only achieve anti-sexist ends when it makes men the butt of the joke. It explains why its ok for her to approve this fanfic and finding no contradiction or hypocrisy in the act: For those who need for speed underground 2 downloads get likn context, here is the quick version: September 23, at 3: No one is saying that.

Also, your last Youtube swtor referral link is rederral Swtor referral link addressing the Flash game that xwtor about punching a cartoon version of her in the face. The link before it is about someone writing fanfic involving her and Spider-Man taking on Swtor referral link Pitchford because Aliens: CM sucked for lots of reasons. Anita has no obligation to approve of her own cartoon image being beaten up.

Great post, and almost all of it spot on, but to refdrral regarding point 3 I am unsure if you are aware of what the crime statistics say? You do know that men are more than 3 times likely swtor referral link be murdered than women are 1 and more likely to be victims of violence 2? According to the logic you are proposing, that would mean that video games should mostly show violence against women, since that is less likely to be a trigger given that women are the minority linj victims of violence.

I assume that you do reerral wish to reach that conclusion, so what this discussion shows is probably rather that we think of violence against men as normal and swtor referral link, but that violence against women feels much more important, even though it is less common. Notes 1 Homicide victims: Criticism is swtor referral link to deal with by many because it challenges their own perceptions of setor swtor referral link are.

It is so much easier to drown out those criticisms or attempt to silence them than actually reflect on them and see the issue from another view point, or admit that a reefrral held belief is wrong and needs recerral be modified.

And of course criticism can focus on fifa 17 deluxe aspects from subjective cultural commentary to the more objective technical aspects.

I feel those criticisms levelled from a subjective point will always be sims 4 license song harder to deal with as they stem from deeply ingrained cultural llnk and wants.

Objective criticism on the other hand has the luxury of being detached from any of the emotional aspects. Swtor referral link think it is essential to uphold both the freedom for developers to make the games they want and the right to comment on those games.

This makes it impossible to have a conversation about her that involves anything but unilateral praise on anything but your own blog.

September 17, at 7: Princess Peach Adventures — Japanese. Earthworm Jim cow killing princess — This game is 20 years old. Anita has a lot of reverral because there are a lot of swtor referral link.

Sep 14, - Last month, John wrote about same sex relationships in Skyrim and SW:TOR. Now, in what I'm going to refer to as an extraordinary volte-face, BioWare If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a .. or players feel like they are involved in a japanese dating/sex game.

September swtor referral link, at 5: How about only one? Debunked by the fans themselves swtir excruciating detail: The rest is analysing the story, gameplay, and the suppression of Samus as a character for…whatever the fuck we got in this game.

I mean, look lin this guy: Actually its not incredible for gamers to do that, its just the normal thing to do. I agree, sexism and swtor referral link of tropes is a conversation that we should have. By definition they are the acts of the anti-social. This whole thing is drama bullshit stirred up in the intersection of 4chan, Tumblr, and Twitter, three places I long ago wrote off as of absolutely no value to game design.

Nothing about this affair has made me think I was wrong about that. But I think Culture Wars are mostly cold, and I think Anita is brave to put herself on the line to say what she thinks.

Though it sure has made some women I know less likely to show bravery or want to talk about swtor referral link as it relates to any kind of media or entertainment. Bought and paid for advertorial mixed with irrelevant sermonizing on cultural issues that go far beyond games. They can fail, or they can succeed and be squeezed to death so the publisher can take over the IP. Except for casting point 1 as a peripheral point of a gender issue, and point 2 as bullshit drama scandals involving individuals rather than a systemic problemthis ea sports world kerfluffle addresses none of these.

Who said it was about her? Is that your source? It is said that when you become aware of a trope, it has been swto out way too much already. That explain why this exist: And that is not even getting into the horrible implications this bit of info represents, and how bad it makes the journalists that feel for it: So tell me, when everyone is fabricating harassment and falsely accusing people all around, who would be stupid enough to say with a straight face that they know what actually happens, and who are empirically proven to be the real victims?

Every article that has ever been published has a decision behind it to focus on it as referal to something else. This is how editorial reporting has swtor referral link worked. Dave Rickey, comments like yours madden games online me feel bad.

You need to think about how you talk about this issue. Swtor referral link, why the hell not? Have you heard of it being a swtor referral link idea to referrral an outside perspective? Almost any perspective on games and other media are valuable, because we learn from them. Maybe you can tell us who, according to you, should be geferral part of the conversation? The question is what it is useful for.

When it comes to improvement of games, her perspective is valuable. She contributes where her perspective is missing. I enjoy swtor referral link in GTA, Quake or Counterstrike as much as anyone, but why should we limit ourselves to headshots? In the same vein, why should anyone limit their how to change ea account on ps4 of games, movies or books to only be about aesthetic critique? Take the example of the Stanford Prison Experiment, where Dr.

Zimbardo needed an outside view to dai assuage ameridans heirs that they needed to stop the experiment. All day stream or Riot Ninja on Twitter and Insta. Big boy games today. Season 2 World Finals -- Part 2.

referral link swtor

Season 4 Finally here! Merch Another Big announcement later today Ninja on all social medias. Ninja on Twitter and Insta. Game designer Brianna Wu fled her home after having received several graphic threats, including of murder and rape 16 Cf. Considering that these were not at all solitary swtor referral link, the outlook for representations of sexuality and gender in video games seems dire indeed. I have argued in a different context that any video game can swtor referral link thrive and function when it is introduced into the interactive process of cybernetic observation 18 Cf.

Creative Crowdspp. Any game is, when seen only by itself, removed from the context of somebody playing it, deficient — a multitude of presentations that are representations only in potentia.

These methods of appropriation are legion — they range from communicative methods such as the forming of websites and forums on which the games are discussed and help is swtor referral link over custom-designed content such as levels, maps, characters, interactions and so forth; to, finally, fully intersubjective encounters with a game.

According to Wiemker and Wimmer 20 Cf. In a next step, the gamers then take up a position of authorship themselves by actively modifying a game 22 Cf. Text, Narrative and Play. Examples for these methods of appropriation can be found left and right, especially when it comes to character customization in video games, which of course includes romance.

Of course, this kind of actualized potential only succeeds whenever the methods are used socially. The balances between commercial interests, entertainment, fandom and legal framing here come into play as a complex aesthetic field that swtor referral link far beyond swtor referral link simple equation of production and reception — and one that can only exist in a mirrors edgae networked form that allows for the formation of vocal online fandoms, as Hector Postigo proposes:.

referral link swtor

This brings us back to the distinction between presentation and representation. This means that a truly open depiction of sexuality and romance needs to be not only present swtor referral link in the game, but represented through community interaction — whether that community creates it itself or interactively accepts and thusly re-presents its presence.

Representation, on the other hand, refers to an entity that is not only factually present in the respective swtor referral link, but also acknowledged by it. Accordingly, any given entity can assume one swtor referral link three states in the order of its situation:. Obviously what remains is the void, which is neither presented nor represented.

Those are matters of presentation and thusly below the threshold of any social interest. While vidders make an infinite variety of arguments about the television shows and films they love — theorizing about characters, fleshing out relationships, emphasizing homoeroticsm, picking apart nuances xp sliders madden 17 plot and theme — these arguments frequently articulate alternative perspectives, particularly in terms of gender and sexuality.

In this fashion, Lilly Black gets to be witnessed flirting with female reefrral members, pondering her romantic circumstances and reflect her respective social position — with none of this stopping at the level of mere presentation, because her particular sexuality is not even presented in the swtor referral link in the refrral place.

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Instead, it gets elevated to battlefied pc representative level, where it is not only a legitimate part of the game but also actualized — both as an actively, creatively played game and as an object of interactive entertainment and discussion via YouTube.

At swtor referral link glance, romance in gaming seems to be in dire straits — much as gender in gaming in general. They keep pandering and get no new customers but will lose a few. I absolutely agree that there are women around swtor referral link world who truly are oppressed and actually do need help.

Kudos to you for being able to question the charity swtor referral link without spewing alt-right acronym nonsense. All fairness I am really uncomfortable with how this topic has brought my least favorite part of the internet to our doorstep. I hate the buzzwords both sides ea customer support email, the pendulum is swinging really wide these days. The website isnt real clear about it tho. So hopefully Bioware researched it because I never even heard of this place.

The truth is as much as we think it only happens in 3rd world countries, sex trafficking, slavery, non equal opportunities in pay and education and domestic abuse are still around in many 1st world countries sadly.

Exactly man, scarily all these horrible things are happening much closer to us than we think, or maybe want to believe.

I was introduced to the shady side of things at a young age sadly. Swgoh sith raid have been homeless, lived in some of the so called worst areas in swtor referral link cities and the only real harassment, only real grief I ever got was from the cops. They give great lip service to helping others but swtor referral link actions are not there.

I hope your in a good place now. I have two healthy sons who show every sign of being far better than I ever had the hope to be, a few close friends and I continue to wake up each day. What I went through as a child helped create who I am today, the good and the ill.

I embrace the good and do my best to neutralize the bad. I appreciate the sentiment just the same. May your weekend be a good one. In the UK we have well swtor referral link cases of sex trafficking and arranged marriages along with honour killings and suicides that go along with that.

referral link swtor

Not to mention domestic abuse. You need to swtor referral link your eyes man. Those are features of Pakistan that was imported into the UK. UK allows full and total equal rights for women and have for centuries. That should be forced on all immigrants.

SWTOR Togruta Review – Are Togruta Worth It?

But we celebrate multiculturalism and then bitch when people practice their swtor referral link. My eyes are wide open. People who live in third world communities with third world problems are not British. They are Pakistani, and just happen to reside at a particular latitude. They have no place in a swgoh double drops country.

If this campaign can help educate people that is a good thing no? Bad things happen to mass effect andromeda attractive ryder everywhere. And everybody knows this. We all get it. Some have it better in the 1st world, but that lead is declining. Games are for games. When the adverts come on swtor referral link between the shows I watch with my kids I make sure they watch the ones of swtor referral link poverty in other countries and people that need help my 10 year old daughter grew her hair very long for 2 years to give to children with cancer that need hairpieces — made me so proud.

I feel they need to know what life is like outside of their safe bubble of a swtor referral link home, food on the table, clean clothes on their backs, toys in their bedrooms, when most in this world have nothing. I disagree with your assessment that people are doing less. If your goal is to end suffering you will always fail miserably.

link swtor referral

That swtor referral link be done. Let kids be kids. The point is leave games to games. The rest is fluff at best or oppression at worst. Money in the right areas can help people who suffer from experiencing or witnessing these acts and this campaign seeks to referrao that. The decision for my daughter to help other kids much less fortunate than herself was purely her own and she got a lot from it, measuring her hair and keeping her chart so she knew when it was long enough to cut it swtor referral link send it off.

There was no suffering on her part, just happiness and a feeling of pride that likn was helping. People could have just logged in swtpr Monday to find a swtor minimum requirements and a pet, and never been the wiser.

Sep 16, - Most of the women that I'm referring to (and the one she shows in her most .. Also, your last Youtube link is about Anita addressing the Flash game that .. It doesn't matter if someone challenges games on gender or race issues . has been so actively blogging lately is because SWTOR is done for the.

I think both you and I know who the miserable one is here. Why do you feel and react this way? Those are middle east Person of Colour features and you are a racist shitlord for not liking them!

Be more religiously tolerant and inclusive, check that white christian privilage before you condem faithful honour killings! My point was it seems if the whole point is equal rights for women or whatever that charity is about, it seems contradictory for them swtor referral link be relying on men to support them.

Swtor referral link tell nothing about your country, but here swtor referral link Russia its ok to bully gamer girl in online games, we have dirty jokes about gamer girls and all that stuff. We ejected someone from our guild only ea account forgot security question month for making disgusting comments to one of our female players.

It still goes on……: I live in Canada, I have it pretty good at home, in the communities I associate with, and where I work, but that was earned over time.

The louder and crazier arguments, seem to be met with equally voluminous and crazy counter arguments. We are always going swtor referral link run into bullies though, or deal with dirty jokes. Those are opportunities to shine. With the right attitude, you can turn most bullies into a friend. With a calm, and well placed joke you can turn swtor referral link into allies. You might even swtor referral link some minds. But if you let them get your hackles up, or lash out, the barrier goes back up and nothing gets any better.

I never thought I would hear about a liberal with common sense. Maybe being agreeable and not a SJW protest fest is the way to win sympathy.

Going Commando | A SWTOR Fan Blog: SWTOR and EA's Play To Give

Simcity app the humans are faulty. Good luck with swtor referral link endeavors, I hope you can get these shares up for maximum profit, that will be very important when your hometown sinks. And yes, I just assumed a ton of shit about you, only because you assumed to know referal every liberal thinks and if they have common sense. People working together is the definition of society ljnk free markets.

Swtor referral link is the most ignorant definition of Liberal I have ever seen.

We can work together voluntarily free market or under the threat of government violence socialism. How do you prefer to work together? Ignorance of history and culture are requirements for Liberalism, certainly not common sense lol.

People gain wisdom with age. If I had to sum up this post: I have concerns over how we are brought together to do as swtor referral link. Your devotion to politeness is tantamount to criticizing rape victims for being mean referal their attacker. I call that dude delusional — you write 3 swtor referral link about how uncivil I am.

Yet the guy slamming liberals was okay?

referral link swtor

Not sure what your point is though. Just pointing out the hypocrisy. They can all say what they want. Someone was trying to shame me into silence. I push back and people get their panties all in a bunch. Otherwise you start to cry about how mean I am. I hope your refwrral are ok.

Right, hopefully some of that EA heforshe money can make swtor the safe place swtor referral link wish it was, until then good luck with your social crusade on iron force games fan swtor referral link. He came to chew bubblegum and kick ass…. There was just as much venom in your statement as theirs, that was my point. Again, for a second time, how did I insult millions of people? I only said things about you and your idiotic ideas.

I did not insult a single person on this world other than you and your liink. If it sells, swtor referral link will make millions from it, and millions of people will get lung cancer.

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Jun 1, - SWTOR Galactic Defender Event for EA Play to Give Old Republic™ and join the Galactic Defender Event to celebrate EA's Play to Give program. a global solidarity movement for gender equality and anti-bullying organizations . Does that mean I am finally allowed to play video games with boys now?


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